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Dan Reed discusses firearms of the revolution.

John Greer tells of the adventures of Timothy Murphy, "The best shot in the Revolutionary War."

Timothy Murphy (1751 - 1818) served on the Northern Frontier of New York with Daniel Morgan's Riflemen. Murphy was the most famous private soldier of the Revolution and with much justification he should rank right up there with other great American war heroes like Alvin York or Audie Murphy. Like the other riflemen, he fought throughout the entire war, no small feat in itself.

Murphy's marksmanship changed the course of the Revolutionary War when he killed British General Simon Fraser in the Saratoga Campaign in 1777 with a single rifle shot from 300 yards distance.

Jim Johnson expresses the essence of the American Revolution in a range of programs from "Voices of the Revolution and Everyday Life" to "Eighteenth Century Clothing and Uniforms".

"Voices of the Revolution and Everyday Life" includes a sampling of Thomas Jefferson's sweet potato biscuits as well as a summary of major events, during the revolution told in the words of the men and women who lived them. "Eighteenth Century Clothing and Uniforms" presents a brief look at the apparel of both men and women in the revolutionary war period, from "mob-cap" to "banyan”. Other joint programs include, "Women Who Fought and Men Who Didn't". "Molly Pitcher" and other ladies who fought are included along with men whose main contributions were in ways other than fighting. During the Christmas Season he is available for "Yankee Doodle Christmas" which focuses on the events that occurred in December during the years of the Revolutionary War. Jim does several programs on the Presidents of the United States illustrated by his collection of campaign buttons and Presidential memorabilia.".