Final Service for Corporal Wayne R. Erickson

Corporal Erickson served during World War II in the U. S. Marine Corps. He was a member of a bomber squadron. During the evening of April 22, 1944 they took off during a rainstorm on a training mission from Luganville Airfield on the Island of Espirtu Santo and failed to return. Efforts to search for the missing aircraft and crew proved unsuccessful. In 2007 a search team that included family members of one of the other crewmen was able to locate aqnd identify the crash site of the missing plane. Evidence provided by this team was provided to the JPAC for further investigation. During the summers of 2009, 2010, and 2011, JPAC was able to recover the remains and identify all six crew members. After 68 years, these brave Marines are now coming home. He was buried on what would have been his 88th birthday. He was born May 24, 1924 and died at age 19.

It was an honor to be at his service and to have our color guard stand at attention for him. They came from Fort Worth, Denton, Plano, Richardson, Greenille and McKinney. Photos from Wosar Ann Sielert.

(left photo) Mike Lambert, Drake Peddie, Don Sielert, Blair Rudy, Gerry Gieger and John Greer. Far Left were Morgan and Leigh Grace. (right photo) The wind made the flags show their bright colors.

(left photo) Compatriot Blair Rudy's daughter Morgan Grace and his granddaughter Leigh Grace. Leigh came to this event dressed as a patriot and waved a small USA flag! (right photo) The Liberty Bell was present for the service.