The SAR color guard made a flag program presentation to two classes of JROTC at the Wylie East High School on February 28, 2012. Their instructor is Colonel Wayne Wilbanks. The students were very attentive and polite to us. Colonel Wilbanks is well known to the color guard and is a great teacher. Thanks so much for a delightful afternoon.

(left photo) John Greer, Don Babbs, Don Sielert, Howard Roach and Dan Reed. Dan is the master of ceremonies. The history of early American flags was presented.
(right photo) The "Join or die" flag is shown. It was first a political cartoon by Benjamin Franklin in 1754.

(left photo) Retired USAF Brigadier General Jerry Dalton made a great presentation on military duty and what the armed services are looking for in recruits these days. He was inspring to the kids as he started his career in JROTC.
(right photo) Howard Roach described the features of his "Brown Bess" musket. He also talked about the Culpeper Minute Men's flag that said "Don't tread on me" and "Liberty or death."

Don Sielert discussed the Bunker Hill flag that Don Babbs is holding. This battle was fought on June 17, 1775 on and around Breed's Hill during the Siege of Boston. Lots of disagreement about this flag such as its color and whether it was really used that day. Photos by Ann Sielert.