"I wish to take this opportunity to thank those who came out to support this young man and his family at DFW National Cemetery yesterday and braved some warm temperatures for an extended period of time that we were out there. Special thanks go out to Jim Johnson, John Greer, Blair Rudy, Bill Neisel, Don Babbs and Tom Whitelock who joined me in presenting a final farewell salute as well over a hundred patriot guard went by us in the procession. FYI, during our wait, we also lined up for four (4) other veterans' funerals that came through. That's right, we actually had the honor of participating in 5 funerals yesterday. A member of one of the other funerals came back around to thank us for being there after their service ended. It was a busy, but very rewarding day. There are pictures floating around that we have not collected yet. Will distribute them to this list when we get them. Please pass this on to others that I may have missed. Once again, thanks for your support."
Drake Peddie
Denton / Plano Chapters SAR"
Photo from Jim Johnson