(right) Program presenter Bill Covington discussed his display of American Revolution articles. (left) Color Guard members Dan Reed, Don Babbs, DAR Member Mae Shaw and SAR Member James Shaw.

(right) DAR Regent Carolyn Underwood and DAR President Don Sielert making opening remarks. (left) DAR and SAR members enjoying the refreshments served at the meeting.

(right) President Sielert presenting Dorcas Helms with her late husband's membership certificate. (left) President Sielert presenting Bill Covington a certificate of appreciation for the program.

(right) Color Guard members describing their uniform. This was requested by DAR Regent Carolyn Underwood. (left) President Sielert and Eugene Helms being pinned by his wife. Steven Helms (Son of Stanley and Dorcas Helms) was inducted. (Photos from Ann Sielert and Billy Thompson)