On March 2, 2011, the color guard presented the flags at the Eisemann Center
where the Plano Symphony Orchestra performed for the 4th and 5th grade Plano area students.
(photo left to right) Compatriots Howard Roach, Bill Neisel, Don Sielert, Don Babbs, Bob Flagg, Dan Reed

(left photo left to right) Howard Roach, Bill Neisel, Don Sielert, Dan Reed, Don Babbs, Bob Flagg,

(right photo left to right) Don Sielert, Bob Flagg, Bill Neisel, Maestro Hector Guzman, Don Babbs, Dan Reed, Howard Roach
(left photo, left to right) Bob Flagg & Bill Neisel greeting children entering the Eisemann. Photos from Compatriot Don Sielert.