Wosar Ann Sielert sent this message with the above photo:

"The SAR Color Guard was present at a FLAG DAY Celebration in Allen, TX. It was held on Sunday June 12 at the Allen Heritage Guild. They have a wonderful display of war uniforms and photos--including the Revolutionary War right now. The guys presented the Colors and later retired one flag outside. It was wonderful to have REP. SAM JOHNSON there too. He was kind enough to suggest that they all have their pictures taken together. He is such a kind soul. My soldier--Don- is the second from the left."

"This is only one of the many events that we do with the Color Guard, and we both love it. I am now their Official Color Guard Photographer! There is a display case in the Genealogy Section at the Haggard Library in Plano that is full of Revolutionary War items. Don and 2 other guardsmen did that several Saturday's ago. He took me to see it today and it is very nice! They even put my name on the photos that I took in the display!! I sure could get used to this!"

"They call this their summer uniform--which they do when it is so darn hot and they are outside. The only thing missing is their coat--usually navy blue with red trim and white lining. It is very spectacular and you can not miss them. Little kids call them pirates, but that is ok."

"Just thought I would share this with you. Just got these done."