(left photo) Compatriots Milton Lentz, Dick Arnold and Mike Radcliff (right photo) Mike Radcliff talked to the class.

What a rare opportunity we had last Friday (10/31/08) to talk to approximately 200 history students representing eight classes at Murphy Middle School. We were there from 8 AM - 4PM. Dick Arnold did an excellent job portraying an officer in George Washington's army at the battle of Trenton, and, if you haven't seen Mike Radcliff portray George Mason, you have really missed out! All of us, (teachers included!), learned something about the Articles of Confederations, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and about our early founding fathers. Photos from Milton and Jerrie Lentz.

Compatriots Dick Arnold (left photo) and Milton Lentz (right photo) talked to the class about American History.

(left) Compatriots Dick Arnold and Mike Radcliff (right) A history class learned some details about American History.