January 10, 2008 Meeting Minutes

President Pete McLellan opened the meeting at 7:10

Compatriot Don Sielert gave the invocation

The pledges to the American, Texas and SAR flags were lead by various compatriots

Reading of the minutes from the last meeting was waived by acclamation

President Pete McLellan gave the Treasurer's report

Compatriots were introduced

Compatriot Ernest Martin was presented with a supplemental certificate

Compatriot Billy Thompson accepted the position of Secretary/Treasurer

Compatriot Gary Coats accepted the post of Sergeant-at-Arms

Compatriot Nathan White installed the 2008 officers

The 2008 officers are;

President: Milton Lentz

VP: Pete McLellan

Secretary/Treasure: Billy Thompson

Chaplain: Don Sielert

Sergeant-at-Arms: Gary Coats

Registrar/ Historian: Willie Walker

Following officer installation the members present discussed chapter activities for 2008. The discussion produced the following suggestions (In no particular order).

Color guard

Flag retirement

VA Hospital activities

Service to veterans medal to members

Meet and greet the troops at DFW

Present Bronze Good Citizenship Medal to worthy high school male senior at each high school.

Partner with the American Legion on a project

Expand membership

Present Good Citizenship Pin to an outstanding 5 grade history student

Invite CAR members to meeting

Joint meeting with DAR

Have a member talk 5 - 10 minutes about an ancestor at each meeting.

The chapter donated $81 for the TXSSAR Ladies Auxiliary project benefiting the Centers for Advancing America's Heritage which is the donation of a $1500 library table.

Chaplain Don Sielert gave the benediction

President Milton Lentz led the SAR Recessional

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20

Attendance: Billy and Kathleen Thompson, Ernest and Beverly Martin, Graham Martin, Milton and Gerry Lentz, Gary Coats, Nathan White, Pete and Dagny McLellan, John Greer, Willie and Marilyn Walker, Mike Radcliff, Peter Rowley, Don and Ann Sielert, Dan Babbs

Respectively Submitted by Compatriot Willie Walker, Secretary ProTem.