April 10, 2008 Meeting Minutes by Secretary Billy Thompson

President Milton Lentz opened the meeting at 7:05 P. M.

Compatriot Don Sielert gave the invocation.

The pledges to the American, Texas and SAR flags were lead by compatriots Billy Thompson, James Shaw, and Marshall Battle.

Reading of the minutes from the last meeting was waived by acclamation.

Secretary/Treasurer Billy Thompson gave the Treasurer's report, reporting that the bank balance was $2,287.22.

Compatriots and guests were introduced.

A report was given by President Milton Lentz concerning the TXSSAR State Convention. It was reported that the McKinney Chapter was given special recognition on several items.

President Lentz gave an update on compatriot Willie Walker. A discussion was held concerning a SAR banner and a motion was made and seconded to go ahead and have the banner made.

A very interesting program was given by Mrs. Kathy Gregory, Director of Voluntary Service from the VA North Texas Health Care System in Bonham. She gave a report on the dollar amount of items that had been given by the SAR chapters. A large number of items were brought by members for her to take back to be used as needed.

Chaplain Don Sielert gave the benediction.

Earnest Martin led the SAR Recessional.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 PM.

The following members and guests were presence: Marshall Battle, Gary Coats, Milton & Jerri Lentz, Ernest & Beverly Martin, Graham Martin, Joy Kirschner, Pete & Dagne McLellan, James & Mae Shaw, Don & Ann Sielert, Billy & Kathleen Thompson, Nathan & Wanda White, Ron Smith and wife.